Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Japanese Icebreaker - Welcome Aboard!

At the holiday of self defence sea forces of Japan one could visit a Japanese icebreaker AGB-5003. It's a scientific vessel but belongs to the army.  The icebreaker was built in 2008 to replace AGB-5002 vessel. The displacement of the icebreaker is 12500 tons, length is 138m. Four engines have total power of 30000hp, they let the vessel sail with the speed of 19.5 knots in the open water and overcome 1,5m ice at 3 knots. The icebreaker carries three helicopters - two SN-101 and one AS355. The vessel is used for Antarctic expeditions and suppport of Japanese Antarctic scientific bases.

Welcome aboard!

The icebreaker has two 16m cranes for loading and unloading of containers with equipment and other things. After the earthquake in March 11, 2011, like other ships, it was used to deliver cargos to the districts that suffered.

Hangar for helicopter equipment.

The deck cabin is rather spacious.

Other rooms, cabins for science personnel and an LED lamp.

General views of the ships

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