Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unusual Transport Of Eritrea

  Eritrea is not a place to find many modern cars newer than 10 years, but old and rare ones aplenty.

Hippie VW and an old BMW

Monday, November 28, 2011

Top 5 Customized Vehicles From Around The World

5. Choppers (U.S.A.)

At the end of World War 2, millions of returning GI’s found themselves back home with a thirst for excitement that postwar life couldn’t satisfy. Many of them purchased motorcycles to enjoy the speed and freedom of the open road, but found the factory versions bulky and full of unnecessary parts. Putting the skills Uncle Sam had taught them to peaceful use, they modified and “chopped” their bikes to make them leaner and faster. Over the next twenty years, the art developed and a huge subculture was born. Although choppers largely faded from the public eye over the years, they saw a resurgence in the 2000’s with shows like American Chopper and brands like West Coast Choppers marketing the customized bikes to a new generation. Highly modified, dangerous and loud; perhaps no other custom vehicle better symbolizes the U.S.A. Which is lucky because that’s the only country in the world where you can legally drive one.
4. Jingle Trucks (Central Asia)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top 5 American Cars Not Sold in America

5. Ford Falcon
Sold in: Australia and New Zealand

The Ford Falcon was originally sold in the U.S., and during the 1960s it was one of the bestselling compact cars on the market. But an inability to meet safety standards and increased competition from Chevy led to a decline in sales, and the car was phased out of Ford’s U.S. fleet in 1970. In Australia, however, the Falcon name is still alive and well. The car was introduced there in 1960 with the goal of competing with Holden, an Australia-based carmaker that was then dominating the market. Ford Australia released the Falcon XK to near-immediate success, and since then it’s been one of the most steady-selling sedans down under, with over 3 million units produced. The cars were originally imported from the States, but there were complaints about reliability, and in 1964 they were redesigned to cope with the harsher driving conditions of the outback. Since then, there have been seven different generations of the car, a number of spin-offs (including the Landau and the Futura), and even a sport utility version.  Because of its economy and V8 option, the Falcon has even become a popular fleet vehicle for both taxi services and police departments.
4. Ford Ka
Sold in: Europe, Latin America

VELOBerlin 2011 - Try Any Bike You Like

Bicycle - one of the greatest invention of all humankind. It appeared in the beginning of the XIXth century as a means of transportation that didn't require fuel and has become one of the most wide-spread vehicle: today there exist more than a billion of bicycles (approximately twice more than cars). The father of bicycles is considered to be Karl Freiherr von Drais.
Today we are going to visit a fair-exhibition devoted to bicycles and urban means of transportation that was held in the end of March in Berlin.

Tough Bikers of Emirates!

- Akhmeeeed, it seems I don't want to ride in the sidecar anymore ...
- It's OK, Makhmud, don't cry, this Russian monster can even go backwards! We are the coolest here, don't you understand?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Museum of BMW In Munich

Munich is the home of BMW. Here is the headquarters of the company and a museum nearby that shows all the history of the brand.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Top 5 Worst Car Recalls

5. 1973 General Motors (3.7 million vehicles)

We’ve all probably heard a rock or some sort of solid hard object hit the underneath of our car, and of course we don’t think too much of it. However, in 1973, about 3.7 million GM car owners (those who drove Centurions, Electras, Kingswoods, Belairs, Bonnevilles, as well as many other cars) had to worry a great deal about the overall protection of their engine and car. The shields that are installed underneath many engines are designed to keep rocks and other solid pieces of rubble from getting into the engine itself. The shield wasn’t doing its job, and a recall was issued. If a rock were to get into the engine, it would completely disable it, and that could be pretty costly. (The taxi in the clip above is a 1973 Bel Air according to
4. 1972 Ford Motor Company (4.1 million vehicles)

Top 5 Most Dangerous Auto Races

5. The German Grand Prix (Nurburgring)

The world’s most famous racing series, Formula One features the most talented drivers negotiating the most technically difficult courses, often at speeds of over 200 mph. It’s a sport that’s become notorious for its high fatality rate, thanks to treacherous courses like Spa-Francorchamps and Italy’s Monza circuit. But perhaps no track has proven to be as dangerous as Germany’s famed Nurburgring, which once claimed the lives of 5 F1 drivers in a fifteen-year span. The track was first built in 1927, but it has been redesigned several times over the years, as its fast speeds, elevation changes, and tight corners have time and again proven to be too dangerous. In 1969, the track was even boycotted by Formula One drivers who, wary of deaths at the Nurburgring and other tracks like it, refused to race unless changes were made to the course. Since then, no fatalities have occurred at the track in Formula One competition, but the course has continued to be one of the world’s most deadly places to hold an auto race: since 1970, as many as 25 drivers have been killed during other races at the track, and famed F1 driver Jackie Stewart has since declared it “the most dangerous circuit in the world.”
Most Famous Incident:
One of the most famous accidents at the Nurburgring occurred in 1958, when F1 driver Peter Collins became the last competitor to be killed during the actual running of the German Grand Prix. Collins was racing for the lead when he lost control of his Ferrari and spun over one of the course’s banked turns. In the ensuing crash, he was thrown from the car into a grove of trees, and sustained a deadly head injury.
4. The Indy 500

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Legendary Aircraft: British Electric Lightning

The Lightning was the fastest interceptor of its time. Its first prototype was made in 1954. In 1959 it was already put into operation and since then successfully defended the borders of Great Britain till 1988. One of the notable features of this aircraft is its vertical climb speed - 100 m per second. It allows it to reach a height of 11 kilometers in 3 minutes.

Top 5 Ghost Ships

5. The Octavius

Although it is now considered more legend than anything, the story of the Octavius remains one of the most famous of all ghost ship stories. The tale dates back to 1775, when it is said that a whaling ship called the Herald stumbled across the Octavius floating aimlessly off the coast of Greenland. Crewmembers from the Herald boarded the Octavius, where they discovered the bodies of the crew and passengers all frozen solid by the arctic cold. Most notably, the crew found the ship’s captain still sitting at his desk, midway through finishing a log entry from 1762, which meant the Octavius had been adrift for 13 years. According to the legend, it was eventually discovered that the captain had gambled on making a quick return to England from the Orient via the Northwest Passage, but that the ship had become trapped in the ice. If true, this would mean the Octavius had completed its passage to the Atlantic as a ghost ship, its crew and captain long dead from exposure to the elements.
4. The Joyita

Canadian Car Industry: Dead And Alive

Canada likes rare classical cars very much. And photographers like this place in Canada. The graveyard of old rare cars near Belleville city in a small town Picton. But soon this place will be closed and all old wrecked cars will be sold out...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inner Workings Of A Cruise Liner

New-Amsterdam cruise vessel is the 4th cruise liner of Dutch-American Line Company built in Venice. Following every 25-30 years of construction the liner is doomed to consider old-fashioned. It is then sold to a poorer cruise company and replaced by a newly constructed ship.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Visit To The Mazda Headquarters

  The Mazda headquarters is located at Fuchu, Aki, Hiroshima in Japan. The excursion is made up of two parts; first is a visit to the Mazda museum and the second part is at the gallery of the Assembly line - U1. One might expect to see robots at this assembly line but here the assembly is done by humans as they do the finishing details of the vehicles. All in all, there is only one robot at this line. Most of the assembly robots are not shown by the Mazda administration. The company's website states that the name Mazda was derived from "..Ahura Mazda", a god of the early civilizations of West Asia... the god of wisdom, intelligence and harmony. The site goes ahead to state that the name was also derived form the company's founder Jujiro Matsuda. 
The Hiroshima plant is one of the biggest Mazda Assembly plants across the globe and is the main headquarters of the company.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wings & Wheels Heritage Festival

Recently in Toronto there have been held the 6th annual Wings & Wheels Heritage Festival. We offer here some pictures of the event.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Israeli Air Force Museum

We won't concentrate on text about modifications and technical specifications... More pictures and less words...

Reggata of Antibes: All Beauty of Yachts

Reggata in Antibes is a wonderful event. We'll get onto a yacht of a real captain named Cornelius and see the event from inside.
However each boat deserves its own story. Most of them are pre-war, each owner means drama, history, comedy... So one post wouldn't be enough to tell everything. That is why we'll concentrate on pictures.

The Festival of Rotten Capitalism

This event took place on the most luxurious part of Bloor street of Toronto also called Mink Mile or Fashion Mile, according to Fortune magazine in 2008 this part of the street got the seventh place of the highest prices in the world.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Vehicles Of The Future

Challenge Bibendum is an unusual event held in Germany and being the unity of the scientific and practical conference, international forum and exhibition of achievements related to car industry.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Le Bourget Airshow In France

Le Bourget Airshow takes place once every two years in the northwest part of Paris. It is the oldest and one of the largest air shows in the world: in 2009 it was visited by over 300 thousand people.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Amazing Process Of Building Airplanes In Toulouse

The Airbus company invites you to participate in a tour across the aircraft factory in Toulouse. Below are 36 pictures of aircrafts with comments.

Amazing Paris Air Show 2011

  For those who missed their chance to visit the Paris Air Show 2011 lately held at Le Bourget Airport (north Paris, France) or just for those those who love all kinds of aircraft, we offer a huge collection of photos taken during this breathtaking event.

The day before the opening. The just arrived Sukhoi Superjet 100 takes part in the Paris Air Show for the second time.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Old Trams, Modern Times

  Trams are widely popular in Toronto. In spite of the fact the travel mode is rather slow trams make it possible to reach the center of the city for quite a short period of time. Today we'll visit one of the local tramway depots called TTC Roncesvalles Carthouse.

Roncesvalles Carthouse is the oldest tramway depot in Toronto which has been put into operation since 1895. Today it deals with the major part of tramway routes in Toronto and can be called the most important engineering bundle of the whole  transport system of the city.

Children can't wait for the tram to reach the washing spot while visiting a

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meilenwerk: The Biggest Garage

There are automobile shows, exhibition centres, markets, parkings, service centres, auto museums, and there is German Meilenwerk - the huge garage exhibition complex, that combines all the listed places in one. All in all Germany has three centres like this: Stuttgart, in Dusseldorf and Berlin. The last one is on the photos.
On the territory of 16 thousand m2 there are exhibited dozens of retro-, sport-, supercars of various years. Any museum would envy such a huge diversity. So if you have "fuel in your blood", it's a must-see place for you!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wonders of Canadian Aviation

This post is about the air show that was held by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Turns out that "Canadian aviation" is not a reason for laughing. Perhaps from the point of view of aircraft construction it is not among world leaders, but it has a lot of famous aces, it is much interested in aviation and does a lot for its popularization - so Canadians do have something to be proud of. This wonderful museum is already meaningful! It is a non-commercial organization whose main aim is finding, keeping and spreading information about aviation used by Canadian air forces in the 20th century. Under the roof of the museum they keep 40 models of aircrafts from the past, most of them can still fly!