Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meilenwerk: The Biggest Garage

There are automobile shows, exhibition centres, markets, parkings, service centres, auto museums, and there is German Meilenwerk - the huge garage exhibition complex, that combines all the listed places in one. All in all Germany has three centres like this: Stuttgart, in Dusseldorf and Berlin. The last one is on the photos.
On the territory of 16 thousand m2 there are exhibited dozens of retro-, sport-, supercars of various years. Any museum would envy such a huge diversity. So if you have "fuel in your blood", it's a must-see place for you!

In fact Meilenwerk is a huge garage where owners store their old-timers. There used to be a tram depot here. 

Expensive classic cars are rented and sold here too.

Repair shop

Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, Lamborghini - no toys here...

There are 88 glass boxes in Meilenwerk each of them is rented for 150 euros monthly. A leaseholder of such a garage can come here anytime he wants and take his car.

One of the most impressive Cadillas of the 50s.

Some cars are absolutely unique, like this New York Checker Aerobus 1969.

8-doors version of the legendary taxi cab - the only one in Germany.


Most of the cars can be leased. Trabant, for example, will cost 170 euros, Chaika - 450 euros a day.

Meilenwerk offers excursions. The one 45 min. excursion in German costs 95 euros, in English - 115 euros. Without excursions the admittance is free.

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