Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Festival of Rotten Capitalism

This event took place on the most luxurious part of Bloor street of Toronto also called Mink Mile or Fashion Mile, according to Fortune magazine in 2008 this part of the street got the seventh place of the highest prices in the world.

The area was covered with red carpets to arrange the show of the most expensive cars found in the city.

Visitors were met by such beautiful girls wearing hats and offering the show programmes.

A great number of posh cars - beginning with Ferrari and Rolls Royces and ending with Lamborghini. Jaguar of the 60s is pictured above.



No limits of design beauty...

Rolls Royce

Honda Indy show over the table

Powerful cups...

Street talents

And fans

The food was cheap at the show


This Ferrari was out of the show, it was standing in the next street, the street where such car doesn't surprise anyone...
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