Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Vehicles Of The Future

Challenge Bibendum is an unusual event held in Germany and being the unity of the scientific and practical conference, international forum and exhibition of achievements related to car industry.

A fat small man made of tyres named Bibendum is the symbol of the company.

The exhibition itself was located on the territory of the former legendary airport in Tempelhof making use of the wide ground available.

The site revealed technology development.

Old cars.

For the first time the event was run in 1998 by a large French company engaged in tyre manufacturing.

The unique thing about the last Challenge was that anyone could test the new electric and hydro-cars as well as as vehicles using hydrogen as fuel.

Challenge aims at achieving the unity between the efforts produced by transport companies and decisions on mobility development in cities.

Accumulators, liquid and biological fuel, ecologically clean transport using hydrogen were taken as topics.

Preliminary registration occurred in the terminal. 

Every registered visitor became a participant at once. Those who didn't have driving license could test bicycles or segways or just be a regular passenger.

Experienced drivers with driving licenses have to register, fill in some papers and test any car they want. For example, electric car Renault Z.E. Its engine doesn't produce any noise while working. But as soon as the leg leaves the pedal, rapid slowdowning is observed which is far from being habitual.

This electric Nissan Leaf became the leader of the famous European contest 'The car of 2011'.

The company's representative joins the passengers and the driver of the car describing the mechanism and capabilities.

The Opel GM HydroGen4.

Electric cars can move fast enough.

How do you like the Porsche?

DHL electric waggon.

The appliance operates on solar batteries.

Here one can also get instruction on how to leave a turned-over car.

Some other vehicles of the future.

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