Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Most Luxurious Cruises of the World

Cruises make wonderful family vacations. Large cruise ships cater to all ages and many offer interesting and educational age-specific children’s programs. With over 60 cruise lines and almost 300 cruise ships to choose from, selecting the right cruise line for your family is often difficult.

Here I have compiled some of the most luxurious cruises of the world. I may have missed out some. So feel free to comment. Thanks.
Silversea, Silver Shadow

Silversea is the only six-star cruise liner in the world. It has lavishly decorated Owner’s Suite, Kitted out with plasma TV, a CD player, a Lavazza espresso maker, complementary butler service.

Windstar Cruises, Wind Spirit

10 Biggest Rockets Ever Built by Man

A Rocket is a missile, spacecraft, aircraft, or a vehicle which obtains thrust by the reaction of the rocket to the ejection of fast moving fluid exhaust from a rocket engine. These rockets either contain solid rocket fuel or liquid fuel which chemically combines together to give enormous thrust to escape the gravity of Earth travelling nearly 11km/sec.

Rockets are not only used for military purpose but also for science, communication and even used for man to land on the Moon. Technological advancements in various parts of the world vary so does the size of a rocket.
So here I have compiled some of the Biggest Rockets Ever Built by man. It’s adapted from my other blog Astroaviator.

10 Most Popular Cargo Planes in the World

Cargo lift is one of the basic and primary necessities for an organization to run successfully and efficiently, for this various aircraft industries have manufactured a special and very important breed of aircrafts. These aircrafts are only meant for heavy duty to light duty transportation of equipment, passengers and troops. Their defenses are limited and thus are not meant to fight in any kind of war until or unless they are modified to do so like the AC-130 Gunship, a special breed of successful transport aircraft the C-130 Hercules.

Here I have compiled a list of the most popular cargo airplanes ever built in the history of aviation. I may have missed out some so feel free to comment.

Monday, February 6, 2012

10 Most Popular Transport Helicopters

Helicopter is one of the great inventions by the man. It is a vehicle that can go anywhere from mountains to sea and can deal with extreme weather conditions, thus proving itself to be the most versatile vehicle used for military purpose and civil purpose. Helicopters can be used as a lethal weapon against enemy’s troops and the land vehicles and on the other hand can be used for transport and rescue purposes.

Here I have compiled some the most popular transport helicopters used around the globe.

10 Most Deadly Gunships

A gunship in aviation may be in reference to an attack helicopter, such as a Mil Mi-24 or an AH-64 Apache. Another application of the term for military aircraft is more specific, describing an aircraft that circles its target instead of performing strafing runs. Such aircraft have their armament on one side harmonized to fire at the apex of an imaginary cone formed by the aircraft and the ground when performing a banking turn. Such gunships with an operational profile that relies on flying in circles can only operate with the guarantee of air superiority.

Here is the list of most lethal and deadly gunships.