Tuesday, November 1, 2011

At the Museum of Czech Railways

Today we will visit the Company Museum of Czech Railways in Lužná u Rakovníka (ČD Muzeum Lužná u Rakovníka). It's the place where you go by an old train from Prague and get a real old punched ticket. When you get into a train consisting of well restored historical cars, make yourself comfortable on a soft seat, touch wooden varnished racks, you feel as if you are some kind of travelling Puaro.  The operator whistles, clouds of steam gush from beneath the wheels and the train starts its way - to the Museum of Railways. The consist is drawn by a super modern (for 1954) locomotive called "Parrot". 

Locomotive 477.043 Production year: 1954 Producer: ČKD Praha „Papoušek“
For more safety there is another locomotive coupled in the end.
The museum itself is located on the railway station Lužná u Rakovníka. You may get there by an ordinary train too, of course.
The museum is the former depot of the Bustehrad railway that was turned into one of the most interesting and most visited sights of the Czech Republic. Its main pride is a big collection of old and restored still active locomotives.

Locomotive 498.022 "albatros" Production year: 1947 Wheels height - about 2 m

The car for an express train (CA series)

Locomotiv 354.195 Production year: 1925 Producer: Českomoravská – Kolben, Praha

Slag unloading

Self-propelled locomotive M 124.001 Production year: 1903 Producer: Ringhofferovy závody, Praha

Electric locomotive T 478.3101 „Brejlovec“. Production year 1973. Producer: ČKD Praha

Narrow-gage locomotive DH120 č.77 Production year: 1979 Производитель: Železniční dílny Poldi SONP, Kladno

Children like to go by one of them

Narrow-gage locomotive POLDI č. 7

Visitors may have a ride in a steam self-propelled wagon of 1903. It has a small steam boiler right in the cabin of a driver. The wagon has a beautiful wooden passenger compartment. 

Dining car

The holy thing for each Czech - the found and fully restored refridgerated car that used to deliver popular type of beer.

Locomotive 300.619 Production year: 1905 Producer: Wiener Lokomotivfabrik, Floridsdorf

Locomotive 324.391 Production year: 1908 Producer: StEG (Maschinenfabrik Wien) „Tři áčko“
Locomotive 464.053 Production year: 1938 Producer: ČKD Praha „Bulík“ nebo „Ušatá“

Diesel locomotive "Velkej Hektor"_ T458 1190

Locomotive 556.0271 Production year: 1955 Producer: Závody V. I. Lenina v Plzni (Škoda Plzeň) „Štokr“

At such a height there is a working place of an engine crew.

In the museum halls there is a large model of an electric railway. Besides there is a photo exposition about the construction, work and further restoration of the private parlor car of the first president of the Czech Republic and a famous Russophile Tomas Garrique Masaryk.

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