Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unusual Transport Of Eritrea

  Eritrea is not a place to find many modern cars newer than 10 years, but old and rare ones aplenty.

Hippie VW and an old BMW

Beetle Cabriolet in an ideal condition

Old Fiat cars inherited from Italians

Fiat 124

Without the sign in front we could define that it's Fiat thanks to rear lights 

Soviet cars can often be met too

Public transport in Asmara. A bus ticket costs about 7 cents but it is not that easy to get into it.

International buses - quite a torture to go by such bus for s a couple of hours...


Number of a private car ...

and a public number...

... a military one...

...U.N.O. number...

A number on the bicycle. In fact it's more a survival of times past, new bicycles don't have numbers. But in North Korea and Ethiopia they are still registered. 

Those who have no cars, use bicycles

Customized bicycle

Cargo-carrying modification

Animal-drawn transport is on the last place.

Outside the capital it's the only one possible transport. Horses, donkeys and camels work here really hard.
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