Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reggata of Antibes: All Beauty of Yachts

Reggata in Antibes is a wonderful event. We'll get onto a yacht of a real captain named Cornelius and see the event from inside.
However each boat deserves its own story. Most of them are pre-war, each owner means drama, history, comedy... So one post wouldn't be enough to tell everything. That is why we'll concentrate on pictures.

The most beautiful in sailing yachts is classic.

Grandgrandgrand...son of Jack Sparrow... By the way, caps is the most frequently lost thing here, but they keep wearing it anyway! Image is everything!

Little neighbours...

The mast, when you climb on it, becomes a very dear thing in this moment, you want to embrace it badly.

While you lie and rest you see masts like this...

What? Woman aboard?

The old fort of Antibes in the background...


His grandsons, they have been on the yacht since they were born...

The yacht welcomes not only kids...

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