Monday, October 31, 2011

Visit of the Mercedes Benz Museum

You will certainly need about 3 hours to fully enjoy presence here, so plan your visit in advance.

Model of the first single-piston engine.

One of the first motobugs

Hi-tech of the times that have gone forever

Gallery of cars that used to be modern.

Chain drive, springs - progress forged ahead.


Luxury cars - Limo Simplex on the right, 1904, 60hp with capacity of 9.2l. Benz 20 Laundaulet, 1909, 35hp, 5,2l, white Phaeton, 1908, 75hp, 10.1l. 

The first modern car

Some details

Younger cars on the lower floor.

The visit starts from the upper floor and slowly goes down along the circle. Each floor represents some epoch. On the walls are various multimedia and just informative signs. Here you may read about the creation, history and events related to Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz 300, 115hp, 3.0l

The same but cabrio.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe, 215hp, 3.0l

Probably more desired than the modern ones.

"Wheelhorses" are also demostrated.

Prototype models look like made of plasticine.

Race cars

The way to exit

At the exit there are cars that beat the records of speed. This one with an airplane drive set the record of 600km/h. T80, 3000hp.

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