Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Remained of the Retro Cars Museum In Nagaoka?

This time we'll go to the retro cars museum located in Nagaoka, Japan.

Rice harvest is in full swing! A small field provides 250 kg of rice, without radiation as they say.

"Hospitable" sign says "Do not Enter".

The official name of the museum is "children's village"

Ticket office.

Let's peep into the office

Stickers with the museum name


Wanna sing some karaoke?

Karaoke device

There is a lot of old trash in the office, like this pocket watch.

The old Nissan

Very old Ford

Quite cozy inside

The engine

Steering wheel

Let's come closer to those three cars...


Heart of the car

Cherry Mercedes

Velour cabin is in a good condition

Gear shift

It shows 160 km/h!

In the heart

The third car is Ford, 1909

The steering wheel is on the right, so we may suppose that the car was made for Japan (they were exported to Japan since 1926).

The pack found at the exit from the museum

The cemetery nearby

The junkyard on the way back

Everything will be transported to China for spares.

Some takoyaki

The trip is over!
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