Thursday, December 1, 2011

World’s Top 5 Safest Airlines

5. Finnair

With no fatal accidents for almost 50 years Finnair has a remarkable record. While it has been known as Finnair since 1953, its origins are in the 1920s. It is one of the oldest airlines still in operation, and is unique in that it actually flies through the Arctic for much shorter routes to Asia, and flies to 55 international destinations carrying around 10 million passengers.
4. Qantas

Despite having made recent news headlines after two of its planes suffered engine problems, Qantas has had a very successful 90-year history. Founded in Australia in 1920, it is one of the world’s oldest airlines, and flies to 182 destinations in 44 different countries. More than 2.5 million flights have passed without major incident. Skytrax consistently places Qantas among the world’s best airlines.
3. All Nippon Airways

The first entrant into the top three is ANA, the second largest carrier in Japan. Carrying several million passengers each year, ANA flies to 35 different countries and has flown since 1975 without any accidents. It was founded in 1952, and has been consistently recognised for its excellent punctuality, as well as numerous other international awards. The ANA website lists safety as its No. 1 priority, and after so many flights without incident, it is clear this is not simply lip service.
2. Air Canada

Founded in 1936, and flying to 178 destinations worldwide, Air Canada is one of the safest airlines in the world, having made 4.84 million flights since its last fatal accident back in 1983. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, this is the most recent fatal accident to befall any of the airlines on our list, but by virtue of having made so many flights since then without incident, it remains an extremely safe choice for nervous passengers. It carries in excess of 35 million passengers each year, and makes around 1400 flights every day.
1. British Airways

With no fatal accidents since 1976, and a staggering six million flights since then, British Airways is a clear winner in the safety stakes. Celebrating its 90th anniversary last year, British Airways is among the oldest airlines still in operation and one of the largest, flying to hundreds of destinations and carrying in excess of 30 to 40 million passengers every year. As safety records go, this is hard to beat.


Sam Walker said...

British Airways is one of the pioneers of the world aviation industries. The airline has never been involved in any fatal accidents since 1976. People from all across the world trust on British airways and book cheap air tickets on its flights.

Barton Wilson said...

Truly, these airlines uphold the standards for the safety and well-being of their passengers. They maximize their resources in order to ensure the security of their clients and update their airline management system from time to time. They continue to develop new strategies to accommodate the ever-changing need of their clients.

(Barton Wilson)

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