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World’s Fastest Aircrafts

North American X-15_resize
Based on air speed records is classified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), states that non-experimental aircraft that holds the record for the fastest in the world until the publication of this writing, still held by the SR-71 Blackbird at the speed of 3530 km / h ( Mach 3.2).
However, there are actually experimental aircraft more quickly but without crew (Unmanned), the Boeing X-43 NASA that reach speeds of 12,144 km / h (Mach 9.8).
Here are the planes or flying objects in the world’s fastest in accordance with the class:
1. NASA Boeing X-43, the fastest Unmanned aircraft in the world
World’s Fastest Aircrafts Boeing-NASA-X-43
X-43 is the fastest unmanned aircraft in the world and become the fastest flying objects on this earth. X-43 is a hypersonic experimental aircraft without crew (Unmanned experimental hypersonic aircraft) which is designed with lots of scale variations meant to test various aspects of supersonic flight. This is part of NASA Hyper-X. NASA X-43 scored his record on 16 November 2004 to reach speeds of 12,144 km / h (Mach 9.8) at an altitude of 13,157 meters. The way the flight, the Pegasus rocket carrying X-43 launched from a Boeing B-52. After reaching the desired altitude, the rocket is removed, then the X-43 drove with his own machine that is Scramjet engine.
X-43 Specifications:
- Weight (weight) = 1300 kg
- Length = 3.7 meters
- Top speed = 12,144 km / h (Mach 9.8)
- Crew = 0

2. North American X-15, (Rocket-powered aircraft and the world’s fastest manned experimental aircraft)
North American X-15
X-15 was a rocket-powered aircraft (rocket-powered aircraft) the fastest in the world, as well as manned aircraft in the world’s fastest (the fastest Manned aircraft in the world). X-15 is the fastest plane on earth 2. As with the X-43, X-15 is also an experimental NASA aircraft. X-15 Specifications:
- Top speed = 7274 km / h (Mach 6.7)
- Range (range) = 450 km
- Crew (crew) = 1
- Length = 15.45 m
- Weight = 6620 kg

3. Lockheed SR-71 BLACKBIRD, (The Fastest manned airplane in the world)
For manned jet type of non-experimental fastest in the world fell to SR-71 Blackbird. SR-71 ranked 3rd fastest plane on earth. SR-71 is an aircraft manufactured by Lockheed. This aircraft is a strategic reconnaissance aircraft  which is operated by the United States Air Force. The aircraft speed record on July 28, 1976 is manned by Capt. Eldon W. Joersz and Major George T. Morgan with a speed of 3530 km / h (Mach 3.2) at a height of 80,000 ft (24 km).
U.S. Air Force claims that the SR-71 is the only aircraft they can operate optimally at an altitude of 24,000 meters. 93% Blackbird structure made of titanium to keep the plane steady while driving at speeds above Mach 3. SR-71 is often used to perform the task of espionage (spying) to the enemy, so for this aircraft was designed to be flying high in order not to get caught radar and enemy’s anti-aircraft weapons.
- Top speed = 3530 km / h (Mach 3.2)
- Crew = 2
- Range (range) = 5400 kms
- Length = 32.74 m
- Weight = 30,600 kgs

4. Westland Lynx 800 G-LYNX, the fastest helicopter in the world)
Westland-Lynx-800-G-LYNX British helicopter designed by AgustaWestland. Westland Lynx helicopter 800 is the fastest in the world and ranked 50s on the world’s fastest airplane. The helicopter was booked record on August 11, 1986 with a speed of 401 km / h (Mach 0.3). Westland Lynx used for SAR, strategic transport, air support, anti-submarine, etc.. Westland Lynx beat the speed of 800-Sikorsy X 2 (366 km / h) which is currently still in closed testing.
- Top speed = 401 km / h (Mach 0.3)
- Range (range) = 528 km



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