Friday, December 2, 2011

Tramway Museum In Porto

  There is the tramways museum in Porto and its exhibits are in very good conditions, so you can easily sit on some coaches or even go for a ride in one of tramways.

In the XIXth century the public transport in Porto was represented by such horse railway.

This tramway appeared in 1832 and got the nickname "American".

A tramway has 2 engines with 55 HP and it seats 36 passengers.

Special jalousies protect from the sun and the rain.

This American tramway was restored in 1992.

This tramway was made by "United Electric Car Company" in 1909 but since that time it was changed greatly.

Such tramways are called Italian because they equipped with engines of "Compagnia Generale de Electtricitá" from Italy.

The tramway №500 was designed in 1951 and had a lot of modern techniques like electric doors, bells and a seat for the driver that had stood before.

It was the real breakthrough. Passengers got comfortable coaches with unusual design.

Hand doors.

The repairing coach.

The tramway for transporting of coal, goods and materials for road works.

The German car for repairing of railways and tramways.

The museum has its own depot.

Modern tramways do not differ greatly from old ones. When drivers get to the end of their route, they go to the rear part and start the way back.

A ticket coats 3,75 eu.

The most picturesque route goes along the ocean shore.
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