Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scorpions Most Beautiful Car Ever

Have you ever thought about using pure hydrogen gas mixed with gasoline to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions? Ron Motor Company, Texas, has proposed a new use of this gas: to blend it with gasoline.It all started when Ron Motors teamed up with the Hydro-runner G3, which is an on board water and electrolysis unit, The result was named Scorpion, a revolution to a new generation of “green cars”.
Scorpion has a 3.5-liter, six-cylinder VTEC engine from Acura, equipped with two turbos and an inter-cooler to take it from 280 hp to 450 hp (there’s even a 600 hp option).
Combined with the ultra-efficient V6, Ron Motors claims a boost in mileage of around 20 to 30% and a substantial drop in C02 output.

1. Futuristic Supercar Scorpions

2. Open Door Show

3. Side View And Head Lights

4. Side View

5. Back View

6. Superb Staring

Most of the hydrogen powered vehicles use fuel cells. Hydrogen is pumped into a tank in the car, just as gasoline. The hydrogen gas is then fed into the fuel cell where it is electrochemically converted into electricity–with no combustion, no moving parts and no emissions other than water vapor. The electricity is used to power the vehicle.
This technology consists of a system that generates hydrogen and oxygen from distilled water in real time as the Scorpion moves down the road and delivers these gases to the air intake of an internal combustion engine.
With only 2,200 pounds weighing the Scorpion down, the company estimates fuel mileage at around 40 miles-per-gallon and a price tag of US $250 000.


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