Friday, June 3, 2011

Extreme Off-Roading

Some off-roading can border on suicide.
Don’t get me wrong, I own a Jeep and will go off road with the first opportunity. However, some of the following shots stretch the realms of possibility and can be deemed either Photoshop or “simply nuts”.
We’ll start with the Hummers climbing exercise on The Lions Back, Moab, Utah:
(found on, pictures courtesy The Hummer Network, photographer Bill Damm)
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For the first person perspective going down, click here
Scary roads do not get “better” than this:
Carhuaz Valley road in Peru on the way to Chavin De Huantar ruins.
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(images credit: Terrax)
Meanwhile in the US mountains…
Flat Iron Mesa in Moab, Utah:
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(image credit: Whitey)
Black Bear Pass, Colorado
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(images credit: RJsfun)
535704424 173edd1160 Extreme Off Roading
Webster Pass – top shelf road:
321750613 884d3ebd52 Extreme Off Roading
Schofield Pass – Devil’s punchbowl with snow:
321750602 db6c7e31b9 Extreme Off Roading
Cliffhanger – Moab, Utah:
321750552 7e8ee43206 Extreme Off Roading
(images credit: RJsfun)
“The Cliffhanger is the worst feeling because it’s less than 3′ to a very very long freefall.”
Santa Fe Peak, Colorado, and switchback road near the top of Mt. Antero:
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321750414 c16808f2fb Extreme Off Roading
(images credit: Octoberist)
Bridge at the Rollins Pass:
321750388 5eedd14a14 Extreme Off Roading
Looking down when driving across the bridge:
535709328 fd661eb6ca Extreme Off Roading
(images credit: ArloGuthroJeep – updated info)
Shelf road on Radical Hill:
321750292 b760cc7377 Extreme Off Roading
(image credit: DaJudge)
And probably the hairiest of all -
Negotiating top of the Pearl Pass, Colorado, in a thunderstorm:
321750374 4df80a1546 Extreme Off Roading
(images credit: 86Original)
Off-roading’s Humble Beginnings
The 20s had more mud and fewer roads, of course.
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