Saturday, June 18, 2011

Truck Accidents

Big rigs could be weapons of (almost) mass destruction
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(images credit: Foothills Fire & Rescue)
Careful! This one is filled with explosives!
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(image credit: Rowan County Department of Emergency Services)
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(image credit: Gallup Independen)
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The first photo appears to be Interstate 10 near Houston, Texas: in 2001 a tropical storm flooded much of the city, leaving underpasses such as the one shown with as much as 20 feet of water in them.
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Unauthorized Entry
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The last “home intrusion” shot shows a tanker that has plowed through 3 buildings. This was taken in New Zealand, and it should be noted that the occupant of the last house was home at the time and narrowly avoided injury when the milk truck crashed into his lounge. (He was protected by the recliner he was sitting in.)
(info by Justin Smith)
Squashed by truck
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Squashed by a Russian tractor:
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This accident is probably not the driver’s fault, as it happened on quite dangerous route: “The Arctic Highway” in Canada’s Northwest Territories (85 percent of the road lies over frozen lakes, so ice can break at anytime and swallow the trucks)
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Updated info (thanks Brian)
The ice road tanker incident occurred during the crossing of the MacKenzie River at Fort Providence. It was early in the season before the ice thickened and the road was restricted to 4000kg. The driver missed or ignored the limit sign but still managed to drive his 40,000(?) kg truck several hundred meters before sinking.
Truckers! Be careful on such roads:
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A piece of street art, for sure icon smile Truck Accidents
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