Friday, June 24, 2011

Rita Cosby’s New Book About Her Father’s War Time Service

Rita Cosby is a famous journalist and currently she is a special corresponded for CBS syndicated program Inside Edition. She is daughter of a Polish prisoner-of-war. Her father Ryszard Kossobudzki escaped his Nazi captors in April 1945 and made his way towards Allied lines.
Rita Cosby’s new book features struggle of her father as a Polish resistance fighter. Cosby spoke not only of her father’s heroism, but of the service and sacrifice of the heroes of war. Rita Cosby’s new book will be available in 2 months.
This post is dedicated to heroism of those who fought for freedom of their own and specially of others.

B-25 Bombers Lined up at North American Aviation.

Good Man, Good Gun. Browning Machine Gun.

M-3 tank and crew using small arms, Fort. Knox, Kentucky.

Infantryman with Halftrack

M-3 tank, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Here’s our Mission

North American B-25 Bomber is Prepared for Painting.

Mighty YB-17 Bomber.

M-4 tank line, Fort Knox, Kentucky

Servicing an A-20 Bomber

Women at Work on Bomber

M-3 tanks in action, Fort Knox, Kentucky.



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