Friday, June 3, 2011

Decorated Vehicles in Pakistan Part 2

This is the second post of decorated vehicles in Pakistan series. In first post we published truck art of Pakistani artists, in this post we are featuring stunning buses of Pakistan. These buses are designed locally and as beautiful as trucks you have seen before. I hope you will love to travel in these buses.


A Bedford bus, customized in Pakistani style.
4 British made bedford buses.
passengers on roof and in gates of bus.
Passengers on roof and in gates, mostly students in their sky blue school uniforms going to their homes after school ends.
Students on an educational tour.
Mechanic fixing beford.
A mehcanic fixing front wheel of yellow painted Bedford bus.
Bus decoration art.
2 local buses on busy streets of Karachi. They have a different design then bedford buses. These are Japanese vehicles.
bedford lights
Decoration lights on a bus at night.
swords on a bus
Swords!! May be showing Pakistani love for weapons.
auto rikshaw
Decoration and design is very popular in public transport, its a locally designed Auto Rikshaw, beautifully designed.
Decorated Trailer
Finally a decorated trailer, how do you find colors of Pakistan? Please comment.


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