Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 5 Unusual Drive-Thru Services

5. Strip Club Drive-Thru

The drive-thru window at the Climax Gentlemen’s Club offers the novelty of a drive-thru with the I’ll-do-it-in-my-car convenience of a drive-thru McDonald’s. A special gravel driveway leads to a cinder block carport at the back of the building, where patrons can watch the indoor activity from their vehicles, through a diamond-shaped window. A ‘pay here’ booth takes credit cards, and displays an autographed photo of Fred ‘The Honzman’ Honsburger, a right-wing radio talk show host on Pittsburgh’s KDKA. Current rates are $20 a minute for two or more people; $10 a minute for solo customers. If there’s someone in front of you, you just have to wait in your car.

4. Funeral Home Drive-Thru

For some time, Junior Funeral Home in Pensacola (Florida) offered “an optional drive -thru viewing window.” The drive-through service with cameras and a sound system is used to let on-the-go visitors pay their respects, sign the funeral register and view the remains of the loved one round the clock without ever leaving the car. The former owner, Lafayette Gatling, a former construction worker who said he used to feel uncomfortable himself paying his respects in soiled work clothes, added the drive-through service in 1986. The Pensacola drive-thru Funeral home is now closed and no longer in operation.
3. Emergency Room Drive-Thru

Having people with contagious conditions like, say, swine flu siting in a crowded ER waiting room is not an ideal public health situation. So Stanford Hospital is testing a drive-through ER, where patients get treated in their cars. The idea is that during a pandemic or bioterrorist attack, when “social distancing” is needed, patients would drive up in their cars to be registered and triaged by nurses while still outside the hospital. People who show signs of a contagious condition would be asked to head over to the parking garage, where doctors would evaluate them further either inside the car or on cots. With timekeepers tracking the process, Weiss found that the drive-through reduced patients’ length of stay by 1.5 hours compared to what would have been expected in a traditional ER.
2. Wedding Chapel Drive-Thru

If you are dreading all the work and effort in arranging a big ceremony, with huge crowds of people, then why not take the quick route and go through the Drive-Thru wedding chapel. Originally used for handicapped people who had trouble getting into the building, it has become a mainstay of Las Vegas wedding scene.
1. Prayer Booth Drive-Thru

A few years ago the “Main Place Christian Fellowship,” an evangelical church located in Tustin outside Los Angeles, converted a former photo booth in a nearby parking lot into a drive-thru prayer booth. Any driver in need of a prayer can drive through and remain in his car while a pastor on duty prays for him through a window. In addition to free prayers, the booth also gives away free Bibles, bottled water and sometimes flowers.


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