Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bizarre Houston Art Car Parade

On May 8th about 250,000 spectators gathered in Houston to see extremely modified vehicles. Houston Art Car Parade is world’s largest car parade of its kind. Lets take a look at some really weird and bizarre modified vehicles from Houston Art Car Parade 2010.


Dante Mallet said...

Hehehe... It's pretty cool to pose for pictures with some of these cars. That is a really memorable experience. Maybe you can go back next year and catch the same parade!

Dante Mallet

Ivo Beutler said...

Some of those cars can be somewhat odd, yes. However, that doesn't detract the effort and creativity of the creators. Some of these cars seem to have taken months to design, perhaps longer than the time it takes to build a car. That's quite an impressive feat, no?
-Ivo Beutler-

Ellsworth said...

Wow, they are weird cars indeed! A few were rather cool like the grape car and the gargoyle car, or at least I think it was a gargoyle car, and many others. You know the frog car that tried to look like the four faces of Shiva? That just gave me the creeps. Wouldn’t it would be cool to have a car that just looks like Batman?

Ellsworth Mciltrot

maha ali said...

WOW Lovely Lol :)

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